Bountiful Baskets

Bountiful baskets offers a beautiful selection of farm fresh produce 

(plus some other goodies) at a price 1/3 that of the grocery stores!  

No middle men, in-season produce, and with an organic upgrade 

option, much of the produce is not what we'd easily grow here.

Bountiful Baskets delivers to a seasonal pick up point straight from the farm to your area every fortnight!

Visit the Bountiful Baskets site to see details and set up your own account.  We are looking into re-starting the drop off point in our locale, in North East Parker, Colorado.  The prior host JUST left Bountiful Baskets, and we KNOW there are a BUNCH of you out there without a near pick up point (because at the 'old' site, there were 70 slots, and Parker was one of the FIRST to sell out in the greater Denver area!)

We've gotten a few more volunteers on board, so now we can commit!  Our georgics alliance, Free Boot Farm, the new hosts for Parker, are on their way to making our first drop happen SOON!

Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions or are interested in being a part of this endeavor in any way, shape, or form!


20 February 2013

Yippee!  We got our date!!  February 23 is our first drop!  Spread the word!

Please let us know if you'd still like to volunteer -- right now, we are good to go with the 'usual' drop off every fortnight, but if we get a larger crew, we can have a Parker drop EVERY WEEK!  How cool would THAT be?!?!?!!   To join our volunteer crew, contact [email protected]

Timeline of Updates!

19 JANUARY 2013

A mini-training with Karina and Kate was finished today!  The Colorado Director said we are good to go sometime in February - it's only a short wait now!

12 JANUARY 2013

The FINAL mandatory attendance session has been completed, and Karina of Free Boot Farm is meeting with the coordinator this week to set up our specs!!! YIPPEE!

22 DECEMBER 2012

The second of 3 mandatory volunteer sessions is being met as I write this!

15 DECEMBER 2012  

The hosts of our new Parker site, Free Boot Farm, must attend 3 volunteer sessions at an existing drop point, the first of which was completed today!  Thank you, Kirk and Karina!  We are so blessed to be working with you!

04 DECEMBER 2012 
Our Alliance Farm, Free Boot Farm, is ON BOARD with our idea!  Thanks to all of you who have committed to sign on and volunteer!  You are QUICK and you ROCK!!!

26 NOVEMBER 2012
We are connecting with a budding local farm -- only 3 miles away from this site's family tavern base! -- who already provides hay and is well on their way to providing fresh milk, bread, meat, eggs, ice cream and butter to families in a CSA / share buy-in manner.  SO - we hope to turn our Bountiful Baskets in to a more comprehensive kitchen stocking vantage come Spring 2013!!!  Let's get OFF the dull grocery store conveyor belt and ON to the vibrant, wholesome farm food wagon!  We need volunteers to commit to engage!